Organic Fish bone * Bat Guano *  Shrimp meal  * Soy Bean Meal * Fish Meal

Many of our feed products are also used in organic farming. These specialty products are valued for their unique NPK (nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium) properties.The calcium phosphate in fish bone, for example, binds to lead contained in soil to form a mineral harmless to humans. Bat guano, meanwhile, is a good natural fertilizer due to its relatively high potash concentrations. Each of our specialty products has different strengths , we’ll help you find a good fit.


Organic livestock farming starts with organic feed ingredients , Proteus Commodities Inc. is an approved U.S.A.  importer of Organic Soy Bean Meal and works closely with International surveyors, International Organic Certifying Authorities and 3rd Party Labs to ensure that all imported products meet and exceed USDA and FDA food and feed grade standards.